Infrastructure Equipment Optimization

Our company offers virtualization tools for building a data center.

The use of virtualization tools takes the IT- infrastructure of the enterprise to a fundamentally new level of manageability and energy efficiency of data centers. Since the introduction of virtualization technology, virtual servers (they are now treated as services), the data center administrator quickly assigns the resources necessary for the application software. Thus, resource management of data centers is carried out.

Due to the introduction of this mechanism, the energy efficiency of data servers is significantly increased. This happens because of optimizing the CPU load and reducing power consumption and heat dissipation by physical servers. Optimization is also a subject to the RAM used and drives on hard disks.

Optimization of client software and hardware is done through the use of virtualization technology for workplaces (VAWP software package). Due to its use it is possible to organize user sessions (from 2 to 10 workstations) on one system unit (computer). The solution uses additional monitors and input-output devices for organizing independent sessions.