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    Real-time monitoring and control of gas, water & electricity supply facilities.
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We offer secure Open Source virtualization solutions.

Our innovative solutions for small, medium and large-scale enterprises are based on the idea of designing private clouds with end-to-end virtualization.

Cloud-based office

Overall perfomace increase

Virtualization accelerates the launch of applications, improves their productivity, makes it possible to automate many processes.

Online web monitoring

Real-time performance control of the virtualization server and each virtual machine individually.

Porto Technical benefits of virtualization

Fault tolerance

The physical servers can be clustered together and in the event of a failure virtual machines can automatically migrate to another server.

Efficient allocation

Several workstations are organized on a single computer, which acts as a session server and a cluster of the data center.

Our solution is unique

It does not require investment at the implementation stage and allows you to migrate almost imperceptibly to users.

We produce innovative energy-efficient compact telemetry units

Telemetry units automatically collect meter's data about consumed utility resources (gas, water, electricity) and transfers it to a data server for storing and processing.