Wireless Battery-Powered Telemetry System

The automated data collection system on gas (water, electricity) consumption from municipal and industrial accounting points based on telemetry units and designed to monitor the operating parameters of household gas metering and transmission of received information using GSM/GPRS and NB-IoT standards on the data collection server, operator AWP‘s and other telemetry system users.

Support for the new NB-IoT data transfer standard in conjunction with the old EDGE and GPRS allows you to operate the product both on new and old GSM stations of mobile operators. The use of NB-IoT will significantly increase the products service life by reducing the radiated power in comparison with GPRS.

The use of new technologies of lithium-polymer batteries in combination with new micro-consuming integrated microcircuits allowed to extend the service life of the product up to 10 years. All devices undergo pre-sale testing and do not require a service maintenance for the entire period of operation life.